Who Says We Live In Trees?

I’ve schooled in the States for over two years now and I’ll share with you one unforgettable encounter…

 Once upon a time, I was asked by a female classmate of mine if I lived in a tree… It was more like “So, do you guys have houses there or do you live in trees? Like little huts or something?” Heh! See insult upon injury!  I was so shocked by the question I was dumbfounded… and angry. I used my entire to compress my anger and finally replied “No, we live in houses. Just like you do.”

In short, I was pissed but I thought about it and realized that most encounters I’ve had concerning affairs in Africa OUTSIDE Africa are not so… positive. Stereotypes like “people in Africa are poor” and “Africans live in trees”  are so common and the illustrations are worse because they’re mostly pictures or videos of poor malnourished individuals. In general, it’s not something to be proud of.

 Though it’s not entirely false that there are highly undeveloped portions of Africa, how about the developed/developing parts? Why aren’t our strengths emphasized as much as our weaknesses? I’ve gotten questions like “Oh you’re from Africa?” and though it’s not an entirely wrong question, Africa is a continent not a country.  It’s like me saying, “Oh, you’re from Asia right?” Yes, but is Asia a country? Doesn’t that sound weird? There’s more to Africa than people lacking water and dying of starvation.

Enough ranting but I feel the publicity of Africa’s strengths should increase because there are MILLIONS of awesome things the rest of the world is yet to realize. And yes, we might have our flaws and all but is there any perfect continent? Of course not! I’m proud to be Nigerian/African and if you’re African, you should be proud too.


This video was taken during Christmas of 2012 and that was Zenith Bank’s Round-about Victoria, Lagos, Nigeria, Africa.


4 thoughts on “Who Says We Live In Trees?

  1. There is a Nigerian proverb that says ” If you don't blow your trumpet, then who will?” It sums up the the entire thing ordinarily I would have said though that would have taken so MUCH space and time. Thanks for sharing this short but informative piece about our beautiful continent and country! More of these stuffs!

  2. I love this post because it addresses a lot of misguided stereotypes westerners have of our beautiful continent/country, and it goes to show how ignorant many of them really are. I live in V/I and I passed down Zenith street last year December several times and I must say I was impressed by the lighting and decorations and the effort that was put in for the Christmas season. Yes, Nigeria is still improving!

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