I attended the United Women’s Conference (UWC) in New York City for a couple of days and it was an enlightening/amazing experience. It was held at the United Nations building and it was basically representatives of member countries of the United Nations meeting in New York to discuss global female issues. It’s not old boring adults speaking on old boring topics, there were reps as young as I was who held presentations and represented their various schools.

Topics ranged from education to sexuality to abortion to fashion; there was always something to suit various tastes. Plus, you could attend as many conferences as you pleased. I attended conferences discussing women’s education, female abuse in various countries (like acid attacks and female circumcision etc), and fashion (there was a Nigerian rep!). There were A LOT more but I can’t list them all. The conferences ranged from inspiring to downright scary but all in all, I left feeling grateful for the opportunities God has blessed me with, empowered and proud to be a Nigerian female. I’ll definitely want to attend such again. You really learn a lot! Plus, you’re in New York! I learnt that mapping wasn’t (and still isn’t) my forte after passing by my hotel without even realizing it. Lol!

It wasn’t all serious-and-no-fun! Are you kidding me? I was in the city that never sleeps! Of course I explored beyond the four corners of the UN building! 😉 
The Arrival

Fashion Convention (Very Inspiring)

Fashion Rep From Nigeria
These purses are INSANE! They’re made of only newspaper!
Conference On Women and Acid Attacks… (Very Horrifying)

Conference on Abortion (Very scary)

My Best Conference. It Was On Women In The Medical Field. The Speaker Was Nigerian
Hi Nigeria!!
On Our Way To The Broadway Show, Wicked.
Times Square Baby!
Grand Central Station
We were soo close to getting in but it was booked full 😦
The Empires State Building

M&Ms’ World

NYC Museum

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