Oh, Fair Weather!

Ha! Fair weather indeed, the weather here in Lagos, Nigeria has in fact been the opposite.  It’s been rainy, wet and “cold”. Since I really dislike the weather this time of the year, I decided why not talk on weather and climate here in Nigeria? Africa?
I’ll start with Nigeria; there are two main seasons wet and dry. The 
names are pretty self-explanatory but I’ll go into more details.

Rainy Season

This is our fall/winter season! The time periods are usually from May till August and it peaks around June, July and August. The weather is also cooler than usual and drops as low as 21 degrees Celsius. That might not sound cold but for us who’re used to the weather being in the mid-high thirties, it is! Lol! It could literally rain non-stop for a week and because of this, a major effect is flooding and A LOT of traffic. Trust me when I say New York’s rush hour has NOTHING on traffic here in Nigeria. You will sit in your car in the rain on the same spot for one hour. It’s not funny at all.
At this time, farmers would have already cleared the land and planted their crops and all they have to do is let Mother Nature do the rest. It makes things so much easier which puts a smile on their faces.

I’m more of a sunshine person so I don’t fancy this time of the year but it’s a nice cool off from the previously hot weather. It isn’t always depressing and wet though. Sometimes, it could rain while it’s sunny or even rain hard for short periods of time over the course of the day or just be sunny as usual
Oh and I almost forgot, it’s also the breeding season for the lovely, lovely insect kingdom especially mosquitoes so there’s a lot of 
insect outbreak.

Dry Season

This is kind of our summer/spring season! This is the rest of the year but something weird happens from November-January. It’s called Hamattan; it’s this weird bipolar dry but chilly (by our standards) weather that’s just plain funky. It gets foggy sometimes, there’s not as much sun and it’s really dry and dusty. Your lips and skin get seriously crispy and it’s bad news for those with allergies! Also, there’s usually an outbreak in conjunctivitis which we Nigerians call “appolo”. I’ll talk about it more later.

After this, it’s summer time! Woohoo! So while I’m crying frozen tears, my family is basking in the sun! It gets really hot sometimes it’s unbearable (even at night) so you’ll want to keep you windows/doors close except of course you want to be mosquito food. a setback to this season is in some parts of Nigeria and even Africa, it gets extremely dry it causes drought and famine because the heat kills their potential harvests. If not this would be the harvesting/planting season for farmers depending on the crop… You remember the saying “Make hay while the sun shines” They’ll be a lot of that going on during this period.

It’s pretty much the same for the rest of Africa but some countries are more extreme than others depending on its position. Despite our natural disasters like floodings, drought and famine, I’m glad we don’t have earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, tornados and what not. That’s was a major concern when I decided to school abroad! Thank God for solid earth plate!


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