Miss LAJA meets Ini Edo

Earlier last week, I went to the saloon with my sisters and to my surprise, who do I run into? Nollywood actress Ini Edo! Nollywood is basically Nigeria’s film industry like Hollywood… Nollywood. Get the picture? And who is Ini Edo sef? Well, she’s a highly recognized Nollywood actress/celebrity who I grew up watching as a little kid! So yes, she’s a big deal. Click here for more on Nollywood and here for more on Ini Edo.

At first, I didn’t recognize her cause she had a mohawk and looked really different. It was after my sister prompted me several times and I looked carefully (without being outright creepy) that I accepted it was her. 

It was a very interesting day/experience I must say. Finally meeting someone I grew up watching/admiring in movies in person. Really cool., I also got a picture; icing on the cake!



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