I visited Ghana’s capital, Accra for a night and it was my first time. Despite my short sejour, I was very excited and decided to make the best of it. I didn’t get to see much but I’ll definitely be coming back for more exploring!

Some things I learnt during my stay:

  • Banku– A sibling to solid foods Eba, Pounded Yam,Amala, Fufu and Semovita. It’s made of maize! Who knew they had such an extended family? Amazing right?
  • Yam Balls– They look exactly as they sound dearie! Balls made of yam or yam made into balls. However you want to describe it! I don’t know if I ate it right  (maybe there was a sauce/soup to accompany it) but it tasted really good alone. Initially, I mistook it for “puff puff” due to their similar looks and shape.
  • What we Nigerians call fried plantain, they call kelewele.
  • Machi means “Good morning”
  • Akwaaba means “Welcome”
  • Me da se means “Thank you”
  •  Ya fre me Miss LAJA means “My name is Miss LAJA”
Their official currency Ghanian Cedis
Pretty art refelcting African culture

 Sneak peak of my outfit post coming soon! Stay tuned! 🙂