"Gym" and I, It’s Complicated…

Dear Miss L.A.J.A,
The gym and I have this on and off relationship. I don’t know why… I know he’s good for me but it’s hard trying to stay together. When things are good, we don’t spend time together as much but when things are bad, we’re best of friends… I’ll leave our relationship status as “It’s Complicated” What do I do for a more stable relationship?

-Confused Lover Of Food

Dear Confused Lover Of Food,
I totally understand your situation. The truth is you can’t eat your cake and have it (no pun intended). I’m young and I thank God for giving me a high metabolism so I can chop and still look like a million bucks but hey, high metabolism will not last forever. Did you know the older you grow, the harder it is for you to shed weight? That’s not a reason to panic; exercising and dieting are the keys to lasting hotness… I personally lean towards exercising because dieting for me…  Ha! That’s in my dreams. Food can’t pass me by and I’ll just be looking. That rarely ever happens. Lol! So for me, it exercise but dieting is a good option if you have the will power… Unlike me.

Here are some tips:

  • Have a gym buddy: Someone (could be more than one) who’s on the same boat as you could be a major help. When you’re slacking, they’ll push you and vice versa. My roommate and I usually went on runs and days when I didn’t feel like, she would disturb my life until I eventually gave in. It makes things much more fun and easier!
  • Set reasonable goals: All those unfulfilled New Year’s Resolutions of “I’ll start working out this year” and blah blah blah. Really? Why not set realistic goals that suit you like “I’ll try going once a week”? You know yourself. What works for one person might not work for another. Start small and build your way up.
  • Join a sport or a gym club: From swimming to a zumba class, whatever it is that interests you, give it a go. Personally, I feel it’s easier working out when it’s on a schedule and you know you kinda have to so I joined the rowing team at my school which helped me stay in shape. Now I’m done with rowing so I usually go for a run or use the thread mill or use fitness CDs.
  • Self-discipline: There’ll be days you just want to opt out and not work out but that’s normal. Your self-discipline will build over time the more you exercise and sometimes you’ll require motivation which leads me to next point…
  • Find Motivation: You’re on your own for this one. Personally, I look at pictures of myself or people like Beyoncé and Yvonne Nelson and it sends me running to the gym all the time. Yeah yeah, they have personal trainers and all but please, motivation is motivation. I always feel good after working out and sometimes that pushes me to want to do it again so I achieve that same feeling. This “goody goody” feeling is a result of endorphins; a hormone produced by the body which leaves you feeling like a boss after working out or eating chocolate!
  • Reward Yourself: After all that hard work, you deserve some goodies 😉 I reward myself with some fruit and yoghurt or some of my favorite chocolate Ferrero Rochere/Twix. I always feel motivated to eat healthy after working out (thanks to out “happy hormone”, endorphins) so if I don’t feel like having my favorite guilty pleasures, I just eat lots of veggies and drink lots of water.


These are ways I mend my relationship with the gym and yours may or may not be different but hey, we’re all headed towards the same goal. Drake once started from the bottom now he’s here. Though you’re at the bottom, you will surely get there.

See you next week and Happy New Month!


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