The "One Man Went To Mo" Game

My sister told me about The “One Man Went To Mo” Game. It’s counting down numbers as fast as you can without making a mistake or stopping. I thought it was easy; It was a lie. See for yourself…

You can play with as many people with each person having a turn. My sister and her friends would reach 40 men before someone fumbles! Can you believe it?

You must call each man’s name; “10 men, 9 men, 8 men,7 men… One man and his dog went to Mo A Mellow!”  You can’t say “10, 9, 8, 7… 1 man and his dog went to Mo A Mellow!” That makes it more difficult especially when you reach higher numbers.

The winner is the person who successfully calls all men and his dog without skipping a number, making a gbagaun (like “1 men”), or fumbling of any sort.

Grab your friends and test your skills! Share with me how your experience went in the comment box below!

Gbagaun: An expression used to point that a grammatical/numerical/vocabular error  has been made by someone (even if that someone is yourself).

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