First thing first, what’s suya? Obalende? Where’s that? Suya is like an “African barbecue” where fresh meat parts (could be chicken or beef) is roasted on an open fire with lots of spices and pepper (especially pepper), chopped up and wrapped in newspaper with extra pepper plus fresh onions! Woop woop! When not chopped up, the meats are staked on sticks mostly for presentation so you’ll find this more in restaurants.

 Suya originated from the Hausas and us Nigerians are meat lovers so this is an extremely popular snack or meal (in my case). It’s heaven-in-my-mouth, bliss, yumyum, beautiful, mouthwatering, sumptuous, beautiful… Ok I’m going off-point but it’s lovely… Just lovely! If it isn’t already obvious, I’m a lover of good food. Haha!

One of the best places to buy suya in Lagos is Obalende (if you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it!) so I took a much anticipated trip and bought some hot goodies with my parents. We didn’t even wait to get home. We started munching in the car. Have you tried it with bread and a cold soft drink like Fanta? Mehn, you’re in for some good stuff! 

Honestly it’s one of the things I miss most about Nigeria so I made sure to over indulged before leaving! 

The  fresh options: Take your pick…
Roasting time
It’s smokey!
A closer look
Chop Chop!
Let’s not forget the extra onions and pepper!
Newspaper wrapping
Happy Customer 🙂