Woman Crush: Omotola Jalade

Photo gotten from here

Photo gotten from here

Omotola Jalade-Kehinde(aka Omo-sexy) is a Nigerian actress, singer and philatrophist who became popular for her acting skills. She has appeared in about 300 movie (crazy I know!), has claimed 21 awards and she’s one of the actresses I grew up watching and admiring a lot. What made me realize how far she’d come was the fact that she’s ranked 34th this year in Times 100 Most Influential People. I don’t know about you guys but that’s a very very big deal and amazing milestone for an individual! That’s insane! I’m so happy for her and she’s a big inspiration to me and millions of Nigerians out there.

What I’ve learnt from her is that there’s always a next level and there’s always room for improvement no matter where you find yourself in life. Despite being a top Nollywood actress, she strove to be a better and to broaden her horizon. It obviously worked out very well as she’s reaping the fruits of her labor. Did I mention how beautiful she is? She’s gorgeous!

She currently has her own TV show called “Omotola: The Real Me” and to learn more about her and what she does, here’s her website.

More grease to your elbow, Omo-Sexy! Keep spreading the 9ja Swag!


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