What I’m Thankful For

So Thanksgiving is this Thursday and I can’t help but reflect and think about all the things I’m thankful for. Sometimes I feel I’m not as grateful to God as I should be for all the awesome things he has done for me and my family. I’m healthy and whole, I attend an awesome university, I’m happy, I have a blessed family and the list could go on and on.

I was sitting in my room one night (no I’m not trying to be cliché, I really was) and I took time to think, realize and understand how lucky (and blessed) I am to be where I am today. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have thought I would have achieved all the things I have been able to achieve today and basically be where I am today. I just think why has God shown me and my family such mercy with all the bad things happening in the world today? He’s so amazing! Can you believe that 2013 is almost over? We’ll soon be in a New Year!

While thinking of all these things, I also thought to myself that with all these opportunities I have been given, there is no way I’m going to sit back and not do extraordinary things. Yes I’ll quote Rihanna’s “no basic zone” because I try to apply that to everything I do. My academics, my blog, my personal life because what’s worth doing is worth doing well. When you have so much potential and opportunities placed in front of you, being “basic” or ordinary is just not an option. At least for me it isn’t. 🙂

And yes it’s hard and challenging because good things don’t come easy… or cheap but I’m happy that I’m busy and that I have a crap load of things on my to-do list because that means I have interests and aspirations and goals that I’m working towards. And I know with God all things are possible and I know he won’t give me something I’m not capable of handling. I have an idea of what I want to do with my life but I’m not a 100% sure and I learnt to realize that’s ok. I learnt it’s ok to not know everything and not have all the answers because I’m not perfect or God and neither are you. But most of all I learnt to be thankful because why not? I’m alive and if you’re reading this up to this point, you’re alive as well so no matter how crappy your life is at the moment, just remember that things will get better and also realize that it could have been worse and someone is in a worse position than you right now. So just be grateful to God or if you’re not religious, count yourself lucky because you are. Not everyone that started 2013 is here today so you need to take a chill pill and be happy and thankful!

Do you know how much I love Thanksgiving food? Turkey and stuffing and broccoli casseroles and yum and yum and yum! Ok, I love food so that’s kinda expected lol. This Thanksgiving, eat till you drop, shop till you drop (BLACK FRIDAY YEAH!) and be thankful non-stop cause I know I will!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Miss LAJA!

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