Confessions Of A Young Traveller

She’s excited cause she’s done with school. It’s over and she can’t wait to go home.  She’s packed and ready to go. She calls for a taxi. Its her first time using a taxi alone. She arrives at the airport and pays the taxi driver. She mentally reminds herself that she really really needs to take learning how to drive seriously. These prices are ridiculous!

 Suddenly she begins to feel inexplicably nervous. She doesn’t know what to expect. “Why so nervous?” She thought. She had done this airport thing a million times… And then it hit her. She’s alone. She’s doing this “airport thing” she’s done a million times but this time she’s alone. She sucks it up. She has no choice. It can’t be that hard. She checks in her luggages and waits in line to go through security. She’s still nervous “They’re so many people” she thought. “Of course there’re many people silly, its an airport. Snap out of it!” her conscience scolds her.

She decides Beyoncé would ease her nerves. She pulls out her iPod touch and blasts music from Beyoncé’s latest album. It helps but only a little. She finally makes it through security. Yay she did it! She finds her gate and is at rest. All she had to do was wait. She waited but she was hungry so she got some food. Then she realized how tired she was. Nervousness does make you tired. Her mum calls her while she’s eating and listening to Beyoncé. She takes out her earphones but doesn’t pay attention to where she keeps her iPod. After talking to her mum, her flight announces time for boarding. She picks up her handbag and handlugagge but leaves her iPod behind. She does not realize this. She gets on the plane and is seated. She reaches in to her purse for her iPod. “Finally” she thought “I can relax” but it is no where to be found.

She starts panicking. This can’t be happening!” she thought. She knew she was careless but never with her gadgets. They were like her babies. She had never lost any of her gadgets with her own hands. This was a new feeling and it hurt. She felt stupid. “Let this be a joke” she prayed. She had done this a million times and had never lost anything. Why now? Then she realized that she was alone. The aeroplane doors were closed and she knew it was too late. “Byebye baby…” she thought. She was leaving her behind. She felt dizzy and drifted into her thoughts. What was she gonna do? She didn’t know what to feel. She was still in denial. “She must be in my bag” she told her self but deep down she knew. “Her parents won’t be happy” she thought. The plane takes off and she slumps back in her seat defeated.

She closes her eyes and she thinks “This sucks! ALOT!”, “What am I going to do?” Then the idea comes to her. She should write about this experience. “Ha!” She exclaims and falls asleep. 

Her plane lands and she still hadn’t found her iPod. It wasn’t a dream. She tells her mum and she’s pissed. Suprise. She has one more flight till her final destination. What to do, what to do. She couldn’t keep beating herself up. Her iPod wouldn’t come back and she was angry. Very angry. So she took out her phone and started typing away. Typing about her whole day from the beginning and she started feeling better letting it all out. Who knew writing could be a therapy?

She laughed at the irony. Her biggest worry was once getting lost in the airport but that was long overshadowed by the loss of her iPod. How things change. Her nervousness was no more. She didn’t realize how much time had passed till her next flight announced boarding.

She boarded her next flight and felt a tad better. She’ll never see her ipod and she didn’t know what to do about it. And she definetly wasn’t going to get a new one yet. Now she was more cautious of her other babies. She wouldn’t accept losing another one. 

She arrives at her final destination safely. Thank God for that! But thats not what’s on her mind. She wants to redeem herself, she has to. She wasn’t nervous anymore. Hell no! She knows this will not be her last time flying a plane but she can only hope that her next time won’t cost her so dearly. Three things she knew for sure while walking to claim her baggage. She’d overcome her fear of fly alone, she had lost her iPod and this experience would NEVER EVER repeat itself again.


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