9 Tips For Dealing With Heat (Especially In Nigeria)

As happy as I am to be here, the heat is making me go loco! It’s so HOT and AHHHH! I was contemplating writing a post about how hot it was but that won’t make sense and how does that help anyone? Plus, if you’ve been following me, you’ll see I’ve said times without number how much I prefer it hot than cold so I’ll be contradicting myself. Oh well, I guess man can never be satisfied.

Without furtherado, if you‘re like me that transitions between really hot and really cold weather, here are some tips for dealing with the excessive heat:

  •         Exposure: Probably the most obvious. If you want to avoid burning up, stay out of the sun AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Nigeria’s sun is omnipresent and while that can be good, it also means you’re more likely to fry. Camp around fans and air conditioners. Wear sunglasses when outdoors. Avoid layers of clothing and of course sunscreen should be your new bestie.

  •          Hydration: We all know it’s always important but you must be more conscious when it’s hot especially because you’re losing fluid really fast (i.e through sweat) and you want to make sure you have the right amount to keep functioning. Dehydration sucks and you know it. Plus keeping a constant intake of fluid is a good way to cool off. I’m talking good stuff like water (LOTS OF IT) and high water-based fruits like watermelons.Your body will thank you



·         The tips from here on are more specific to those living in Nigeria. The subtitle says it all so I won’t elaborate. Ask any Nigerian and they will explain the subtitle to you.

  •          Take a cool shower at night before going to bed. Avoid body lotions or anything heavy on your skin cause greasy and hot do not mix well. If you absolutely have to moisturize at night, use something light like olive oil. 

  •          Use white talcum powder aka baby powder which can be found in your local drugstore. Pear’s and Methylated powder are my top options. Not only do they help keep your body smooth and non-greasy but they also help prevent heat rashes which are very common effects of too much heat. Methylated powder is minty so you feel kinda “cold and breezy” after application.

  •        Sleep with as minimal clothing as possible. This can be translated differently but each individual. It could be shorts, night dresses or your plain birthday suit. Sometime you gotta do what you gotta do.

  •        It’s no lie mosquitoes are one of our major enemies in Nigeria so if you’re considering sleeping sans vetement (in your birthday suit), ensure that your room is mosquito free. If not you’re holding an all you-can-eat buffet and with the heat? My dear, you will not sleep. Spray your room with insecticides, close windows at night if they don’t have nets, close your room door (trust me, this might not seem important but you want to keep the mosquitoes in the rest of your house out of your room as long as possible), sleep under mosquito nets. In short do everything you can to ensure that if you’re sleeping with little clothing, you don’t end up as food for the mosquitoes.

  •       Pray it rains at night so your room will be cool.

  •          Enjoy that generator or NEPA while it lasts. Try falling asleep while the fan and AC work so even if they stop working at later at night, you won’t notice cause you’re long gone in Dreamland.

  •        If all else fails my dear, endure. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. LOL!

You are now ALMOST ready to fight the battle against heat. I didn’t say fully ready because heat+no electricity will always suck. So endure young grasshopper and remember that after heat (and it’s minions like mosquitoes) have shown you pepper that night, the next night might be better… There’s no guarantee sadly, one can only hope. LOL!

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