This brown and cream ankara skirt just reminds me of coconuts. I also found myself wearing lots of turtle necked tops… I think I’m obsessed but turtle necks are really classy. It was a chilly day and that was great for layering. I’m seriously over this cold weather. 

Last week was great really great! I learned some great news for myself and Miss LAJA and I can’t wait to share it so stay tuned. 
What do you think? Share your thoughts with me. 
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Hair Details here
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I wish you all a blessed week.

4 thoughts on “Coconut

  1. ohh ton sac 🙂

    Je viens de poster un nouvel article : my must-haves.
    Je t'invite à jeter un petit coup d'oeil . ça me fera plaisir . Je viens de commencer à écrire en français aussi 🙂
    merci d'avance!


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  2. Merci Chiara! Je suis contente que tu l'aimes 🙂

    Bien-sur j'y irai la lire!

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