Coconut Twin

Happy New Month loves! One month down in 2014!

Here’s the sister to my coconut ankara skirt! I paired it with this INSANE booties and a pleated black skirt. 

I decided to switch up my hair style from what I usually did! What do you guys think? Do leave comments, I always love reading them!

Also check out my Liebester Award tag here to learn more about me and also participate!
Have a blessed week. 
Bracelet by Fulfill Jewelry


12 thoughts on “Coconut Twin

  1. Love the hair and ur new shoes!

  2. You look so gorgeous and love the shoes

  3. Cute!!!! Love those shoes sooo much I was thinking about getting them but the person I saw modeling them on the website didn't do them justice. They look real nice on your foot

  4. nice outfit 🙂

    Je viens de poster un nouvel article : my favorite blush.
    Je t'invite à jeter un petit coup d'oeil . ça me fera plaisir .
    merci !


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  5. Great outfit! I'm in love with the shoes ;)))

  6. Thanks Tiff! I'm obsessed with the shoes as well!! 😀

  7. You look awesome!! Love the shoes girl 🙂

    Changed my blog url to

    Check it out if you have time 🙂


  8. Thanks Abs! I definitely will! 😀

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