Operation Single Ladies (Valentine’s Day Edition)

Single? Not Take? LeBoo-less? Still Searching? Waiting for Ian Somerhalder or (insert-celebrity-crush-here)?

If you fall into any of these categories, this post is for you. If you don’t, you can read on and/or you could check here for a fierce outfit for that date with that special someone.

Yes February is the month of love and when we hear Valentine’s day we think of that significant other, romantic dates, cuddling, roses, chocolate, being in cloud 9 and the list goes on and on. But how about us singletons? We shouldn’t be left out from celebrating on this great day! Oh no we shouldn’t! I refuse to be sulky or desperate or sad or depressed because I will be my own VALENTINE and I will own it! Let me show you how I celebrate Valentine’s day, singles style.

var _giphy = _giphy || []; _giphy.push({id: ‘9DDQDLdjvfPuo’,w: 800, h: 380});var g = document.createElement(‘script’); g.type = ‘text/javascript’; g.async = true;g.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://’ : ‘http://’) + ‘giphy.com/static/js/widgets/embed.js’;var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(g, s); 1) Plan an outing/event with friends: If you have girlfriends that are singletons as well, gather them and do something. Rather than sulking about how boyfriend-less you all are or drowning in envy, get up and get out! Dinner, the movies, the club, the spa, a slumber party; be creative! If its just you, treat yourself! Show yourself some love because you are so worth it! Who says Valentine’s day is only for couples? Puh-lease!

2) Dress to kill: Now ladies, the idea isn’t to be trashy but classy with a trunk load of sassy. Now, how is this possible you ask Miss LAJA and I give you one word. Heels. Heels, my love. Leave it all on the shoes. Dig into you closet and find your highest and fiercest pair because it’s going down. If you’re not a heels person, then grab that pair of shoes that makes you unleash your inner Beyonce. 

The next step is to dress up. Like, over-dress up. Get your hair, makeup and nails done. Your outfit must look on-point! You must be confident. When you look good, you feel confident so it all comes naturally. Here’s my fierce outfit. Even if you’re just going to the movies, who cares? Will they stop you from going into the cinema? They might stare, that’s okay. Your job is to make it worth their while. Simple. 

3) No SULKING/SELF-PITY/SADNESS: This is very important because you will see a lot of couples and your social network feed will be blasting up with pictures of lovey-dovey couples, quotes etc. Feel free to appreciate and marvel at the cuteness of it all but crush that silly thought of loneliness/jealousy/pity because it’s unnecessary. Make it a rule amongst you and your friends! NO SULKING to yourself, to each other or on social networks! There’s no time for that because you’re going to be busy having fun!

4) Have fun: Whatever it is you plan with friends (or alone), make the most of it! Ladies, Valentines day falls on a Friday this year. Make the most of it! Go hard with your girlfriends but do stay safe!

5) Take lots of pictures: Event? Check. Fierce Outfit/Hair/Makeup? Check. Killer shoes? CHECK! Since you’ll be making memories that day and/or night, you’ll want them in pictures too! Of course you can post them up on social networks but please don’t put obnoxious captions like “who needs a man?”. Remember it’s about you having fun/loving yourself. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Make sure your phone/camera is fully charged and start striking those poses, honey! 
 At the end of the day you should:
Have sore feet from walking/dancing in heels.
Fallen asleep too tired to think.
-Feel relaxed and pampered.
-Realize how fun being single is.
-Be happy.

You should love yourself and your single status on Valentine’s day as well as on other days. Never feel sad or lonely just because you don’t have a significant other. I know there’s the pressure to rush into things blindly just to “belong” but think about it. Is it really worth it for just one day? Don’t you know you deserve to be/feel loved every single day and not just on Valentine’s day?

Protect your heart and body jealously because people will tell you what they know you want to hear just to “get some” but never bend your standards for any reason. You deserve someone who will want to spend everyday before and after Valentine’s day with you. Don’t be a “chip-and-dip” chick.

I believe everything has their time so know yours is surely coming. But till then, stay fierce and love yourself always! 
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Gifs courtsey: Giphy
Hugs and Kisses,

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