Freshman Blues: When I’m Not Feeling Myself

Whether it is at the beginning of the semester or during the semester, we all have those times when we just don’t feel ourselves. Like, we’re out of it. Not sad but you know something feels off. Why? You don’t know but your motivation is just low or maybe you were expecting things one way and they didn’t turn out as planned.

I experienced something similar when I first came back to school at the beginning of the semester. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t sad, I was just there. Blehh, you know? It was really funny because I wasn’t nervous/stressed but super pumped to begin a new semester and start a new year. I was really really excited but when I arrived I was like “Okay, so what now?” I was confused because I just wasn’t feeling myself and to make matters worse, I didn’t know why. I’m usually an upbeat person but it just wasn’t working for me at that time. Talk about sucking rocks! 

So what happens when you’re feeling out of it?

Before I talk about dealing with ‘it’ (I don’t even know how to describe it because it’s certainly not depression but you’re not super excited. Low motivation maybe? I have no idea) I wanted to know what made me feel that way in the first place.

  • Well, the holidays just ended and I was back to school so maybe my mind was all excited but my body was like “Nah!” So maybe I was “not-so-happy” to be back in school and I didn’t even know it. But I was excited! What?!
  • I literally had no fixed schedule during the break so I had to learn how to adjust to an entirely new CONSISTENT schedule. My class schedule this spring term is 1000% different from that during fall so this was a whole new adjustment. It sucked and oh boy did I know it.
  • Jet lag is seriously a witch in a ditch with no sandwich. For real!
  • Maybe it was almost that time of the month?
  • Maybe it was one of those times you don’t have an explanation for how you’re feeling.
So what did I do to get myself back on track?
  • I turned off “Holiday-Mode” and started finding/maintaining a daily routine. Yup, I had to build that bridge and cross it!
  • I tried normalizing my sleeping patterns. It’s crazy realizing how messed up you felt when you were jet-lagged after you’re no longer jet-lagged.
  • I prayed about it
  • I talked to someone about it
  • I did something fun like listening to super loud music and dancing my head off… In my underwear and socks.
  • I read/watched motivational articles.
  • I gave myself time.
  • I did some thinking and decided to do a write-up on how I was feeling. Just kidding! Wait, I’m not…
So I guess there are those times when you’re just not feeling yourself and can’t explain it. That’s okay, it’s happens sometimes to everyone (not just froshers) I guess. I feel giving yourself time is the most important thing. Go about your daily college/high-school/adult life cause eventually things will fall in place.


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