Skintuation: There’s Nothing Like Taking Care Of Yourself

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I’m actually super excited about this topic because I love talking about skin. Yeah, I know it’s weird but for me there is nothing better than taking care of your skin. I won’t say I don’t like makeup because trust me, I do but I believe it’s more important taking care of what’s underneath because realistically speaking there’s only so much foundation and concealers can cover. 

 The fact of life not to be denied is if you have “good skin” then makeup is easier to apply and you honestly don’t need as much (unless you decide you do). When I say “good skin”, I don’t mean yours has to be porcelain and flawless but you should observe the basics like cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing etc. If you constantly wear makeup, you should be more concerned and strict about your skin care routine because you don’t want those products clogging your pores.

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I know we dark skinned girls are more susceptible to hyper-pigmentation and it could be really difficult dealing with scarring from pimples and acne but it’s not impossible. I was inspired beyond words by Lupita N’yongo! I’m not going to lie, I hadn’t really heard much about her before seeing 12 Years A Slave but after watching it and doing some research about her, I was completely in love and she speedily made it onto my list of role models. She is beautiful and you can see she takes care of herself. Yes, she has her glam squad but the fact is makeup has its limits and besides her face, her skin is GLOWING. 

When I saw her feature on the Ellen DeGeneres show (my favorite outfit on her by the way), I knew I had to find out what her skin care routine was. I’m more of a naturalist when it comes to products so I use things shea butter, olive oil, honey etc and guess what? Her skin regimen was made up of mostly natural oils and butter. Allow me to tap myself on the shoulders and say “great minds think a like”. Haha!

After that amazing and worthy drift off topic, I shall return to my main focus. When I think of skin care in relation makeup, it’s like this. The more you take care of your skin means the more confident you feel which means the less makeup you need/the better your makeup looks which means you means you save money. This is pretty obvious but I feel sometimes we put our skin’s welfare on the backseat because we can just ‘hide’ everything.

One thing I say to myself is I never want to reach the point in my “makeup wearing career” (haha, what does that even mean?)  where I look at myself in the mirror and not like the person or feel that I NEED makeup to look/feel beautiful. Ok, I actually don’t wear foundations or concealers because I have really sensitive skin and my first experience left me really scarred and more importantly, I work hard enough on my skin so I can do without it. There are definitely days when my skins acts up and becomes rebellious but I’m working on accepting that beautiful doesn’t always have to be flawless. I could have a pimple or two here or there but that shouldn’t change how beautiful I feel about myself. The same goes to you.

Not everyone has naturally good skin and I can unders it can be really difficult but don’t ever give up and turn to make up as the solution because it’s not. You’re not solving the problem, you’re hiding it. The most important point however is you should work on being comfortable in your own skin with or with make-up on. 

Makeup is fun to play around with but working on what’s underneath is more important and is absolutely worth it. 

PS, If you’re interested in seeing how I implement natural products in my beauty routine, do email me, leave a comment below or tick the ‘cool’ or ‘interesting’ boxes below this post (I need at least 5 checked boxes and they’re anonymous so click away!. )


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