1 Crop Top, 3 Looks

 I’m switching things up a little this week and I decided to show three different looks with this fringe crop top. By they way, I’m actually new to wearing crop tops. I’ve been looking for ways to wear them without showing too much or just looking off so a lot of ‘research’ has been done on my part haha!

I hope you’re more enlightened on different ideas for combinations because I found this crop top to be really versatile. This was out of my comfort zone for me but I think I’ll be adding more styles to my wardrobe in the near future.
Do tell me which is your favorite look and how your Spring Break was down in the comments below!

Look 1

I never wear hats because I don’t like things covering my hair but… I’m having a change of heart after putting together this outfit. It feels beachy, light and vacation-y. It’s simple and chic.

Sunglasses are an early birthday present from my T-babe 😉

Look 2
This is more flower power and outing-with-the-girls…

Look 3

Of course I had to do an outfit involving ankara. This is much more fun and I gave into the temptation of playing with the fringes. This is more concert-y and partayyy! The wind was crazy on this day which explains the dark skies. It came out really dope. I wish I could say the same for the shoot…

After the wind nearly destroyed my camera and made me run after my equipment on the road, I had to move in…
Ayyy! Turn up… at home. Haha!

I hope your Spring Break was  memorable. I know mine was…

If you want more fashion posts like this, leave a comment below or tick the reaction boxes to let me know!


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