Cheetah Girl

 This is my birthday week (precisely March 28th) and it’s weird knowing I have less than a week till I turn 18… I’m still trying to process everything that’s going on and this is probably going to lead to a long/deep reflection of everything I’ve learned up until now. Ok, I’ll save my thoughts for next week.

On to the outfit, I know this skirt looks rumpled but I promise you that’s it natural form. It’s really neat. I really like how this top has this two-faced look with the all black front and the cheetah drama behind. Oh, and did I mention the fishnet sides? Yup, this top is awesome.

Of course I had to wear one of my favorite booties at the moment. Seriously, these shoes go with everything.

See you next Sunday aka Miss LAJA and Daddy LAJA’s birthday…

10 thoughts on “Cheetah Girl

  1. You look gorgeous honey. Love the outfit. It's again perfect. I am so glad you popped by because I don't get any updates,because my dashboard reading list is gone, Google giving me a hard time. So thx for stopping by. I'll now save your link and will pop in every now and then. Or you could drop me a line when you have an update.
    kisses honey
    FashionDreams&Lifestylekisses honey

  2. I agree with you on the shoe – seen it with a couple of outfits here and indeed it goes with everything. It's hot!! You look very pretty. Happy birthday in advance gal. Have a good one 🙂

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