Confessions: Car Struggles

“The struggle for ride is real” she sighs out of frustration. She just got turned down after asking her friend if she could drop her off at Target. You see, the thing with her is she doesn’t have a license or permit and she’s almost 18! Can you imagine? Her juniors had theirs before they turned 16. Umm, what is she waiting for?

Instead of looking for an alternate way to go to the supermarket, she sits down and thinks. She knew finding a means of transportation would be difficult in college but she hadn’t expected it to be THAT difficult. Like, seriously. This is too much. 
You might ask, why doesn’t she just get her license and get it over with? The truth is driving had never been something she was oh so enthusiastic to learn. Yes, she wouldn’t have to be at the mercy of people and she could do things as she pleased but she just wasn’t bothered. 
  You’re not the first person telling her to take driving seriously. Her parents have been hammering her to get her permit… since 11th grade. She was actually half way through the process but seriously though it was second semester senior year… Seniorities was in full swing. Who had time to be reading a booklet (yes, it was a booklet but oh boy it was one long booklet) with a bunch of rules she wouldn’t even remember. She took the practice tests online and was always a point away from the pass mark. She laughed to herself. She schooled in another State and taking the test online was not an option like before. What a pleasant change in events. Some of the questions were deep. She remembered a particular one…
What is the minimum distance between a car and a railroad track?
a) 5ft
b) 10ft
c) 40ft
d) 1 yd
e) 1 foot

“What’s the meaning of this? In primary school, centimeters and meters were the standard units for measuring distance.” She grimaced at the question then closed the browser.  She didn’t know how to visualize a foot or a yard. She didn’t even have the means to convert the units to ones that made sense. No, thank you. 
 The thing is she had learnt how to drive back home. Getting the actual license was the enemy of progress. Back home she had to wait till she was 18 while here the whole process was too intense. There was another situation though. She couldn’t drive back home. Apparently the roads were too dangerous, the drivers, too unruly and her hands hadn’t completely “mastered” the stirring wheel. Didn’t practice make perfect? How would she “master” the wheel if she didn’t practice? In school, finding a ride to the supermarket was a struggle talk less of finding someone who would drop her off at the DMV.  “But God” she said “Why can’t you just manifest the license in my wallet and bestow on me the skills of a driving champion so we can call it a day? That’s not too much to ask is it?”.
After thinking of every other thing, she finally comes back to the situation at hand. How will she get to the store? Her basic school/rooms supplies were running out fast and mummy wasn’t here to help her restock. She briefly reminisced on those good old secondary school days. Ok, there was a Target trip every first and last Saturday of the month BUT it was at 9am. Ahnahn, how could she wake up before 9am on a Saturday morning? That’s too much. Next option. She had am unlimited bus pass BUT she didn’t know how to use the buses. She didn’t want to be carried to another state. Hmm, it looks like she was suffering from first world problems. The third option was a taxi BUT sadly money didn’t grow on trees.

She vexed. She would take driving seriously this summer. For real this time. But she said these same exact words this time last year. We’ll see how things go this summer but till then, thank God for online shopping.


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