Confessions of A Rising Sophomore

I’m officially done with my first year in college and what can I say? It was amazing… Amazingly quick. The fact that the first year went by so quickly makes four years of college look really short. At least as of now. My first year was filled with the highs and the lows but it was a blessed first year and I am looking forward to the ones to come.

Just a little recap of my journey, I did a pre-orientation program where I had a lot of firsts. It involved island hopping, sleeping on beaches, kayaking, weathering storms, eating sandy, poorly made food; it was basically a “Man vs Nature” island edition but for 10 days. I met a lot of really cool people and I came into orientation week feeling unnerved and very comfortable. The direct contact with nature was real. My skin was baked and when I returned to “civilization”, I appreciated a clean shower and a nicely cooked meal. Haha! It was an experience… One I will probably not be doing again though.

Setting up the tent…
Our life-supply fit into a kayak…
T’was cold for mid-August
I went 50 Shades Darker though…

Ahh, O-week. There were a lot of events no lie. Lots of parties, concerts, and lots of events for mingling. There was just too much things to do and it was amazing. I learnt how to salsa, there was a Krewella concert on campus, a dance-out “party” where they played some hot Latino and Hip-Hop beats called Lambda Jam (I’m so going next year!) and a dressy event in Duke’s Nasher Museum. Then school started and all the drama died down and the work really began. I actually liked all my classes. Work intensive but I was able to pull through. We thank God.

Oh hey, Chapel!
Nasher Museum Party
Krewella Concert

Onto the more interesting stuff, if you don’t know, Duke University has a KILLER basketball team. I mean KILLERRRR! I went for my first basketball games. Ok, it wasn’t an actual basketball game but it marked the beginning of the basketball season. It was called Cameron Craze and the team members played against themselves. Ugghhh! So many yummy, attractive boy but they were quite too tall for my taste… Or were they? Haha! For real though, the excitement was contagious and Duke’s team spirit is out of this world. Duh, they don’t call us the ‘Blue Devils’ for nothing.

I’m so proud of this shot… He scored!
Cameron Crazeee

Fast forwarding to finals and the Christmas break (in New York and Nigeria) and we are here in second semester. I did like three out of four of my classes. I wasn’t to fond of Calculus; Maths had never looked so alien to me in my life and my class schedule wasn’t the best. You would think this isn’t a big deal but trust me, it is. My classes started too early and ended too late (like 6pm-7pm late.) EWWW! Ewwwwww, never in my life will I try that again. Ever. It really did affect my productivity. I shall save this story for another post.

Miss LAJA was really one of my top highlights this semester because I didn’t think I’d be able to stay consistent with all this school work. But I did and I’m very grateful to God. Abeg, January and February were TOO cold for my liking but on the bright side classes were cancelled a couple of times. As nice as that was, making up the missed work was a witch. 

Fast forwarding to March, Spring Break in Atlanta!! And of course my birthday when I turned 18! That was a very fun time and I did make a VLOG (that took me so much time editing and I’m very proud of) on my day. I also received great news on something I applied for. In all March was a very blessed month. Miss LAJA also turned one! Yes, Miss LAJA is my baby… and me as well. 

Fast forwarding to LDOC (Last Day Of Class), a tradition that is VERY much celebrated at Duke that marks obviously, the last day of the school year. It was MAD fun! There were massage palors, LOTS of food, parties and even a concert (Dillon Francis, Youngblood Hawke, Skizzy Mars, and Spencer Mars performed). This was just what I needed; I danced like crazy and I felt free and this LDOC was VERY well spent.

Pina Colada thingz
Skizzy Mars
Young Blood Hawke!

 Fast forwarding again to finals, ugh! A really tough period (surprise) but I prevailed. There’s always room for improvement but hey, things could have been worse. One thing I’m OVERJOYED is the fact I’m done with Maths. FOREVER (meaning as long as Med-schools require one year of Maths)! I give Maths majors serious kudos. At least I know being an engineer or mathematician isn’t God’s plan for me. One less thing to stress about. Don’t think I’m a Maths lunatic because I’m not… but Calc 2 took Maths to a new level I never want to go again. Maths, BYE!

Ahh, I’m here now typing on my laptop and looking past old pictures. If there’s one thing (ok maybe two things) I know, it’s that I love Duke (like, my love runs deep, deep, deeeeeep) and this first year has been a nice balance of everything from good to not so good. The end of new a chapter and the beginning of a new one. (I don’t know why I like this quote so much”.

To the newbies aka froshies: “Hi, I’m Miss LAJA and I’m a Sophomore. Welcome to Duke!” 

*smiles widely, flicks hair and winks*


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