First few days in Paris

La Seine
If you’ve been following my Facebook and Instagram page (@miss_laja), you would know I am now in Paris and I couldn’t be anymore excited.
I was so nervous at the airport because this is my first time here and I had to practice my french skills in a French country. Talk about pressure but it all turned out well. I was really surprised at myself cause I understood and could respond to what people were saying. 
We did a “chasse au trésor” (treasure hunt) and I don’t think I’ve ever walked for such a long time since this year began. C’est bizzare. I knew I’d be walking a lot in Paris but not this much! Geez! It was a very successful day though. My hunting
team mates and I became more familiar with the metro and basically “la vie des Parisiens”. I need to have the feeling of my legs falling off more often because it signifies a well spent day. 
I will be posting my outfit soon so stay tuned!
Place de la Bastille
Le Precope= One of the oldest cafes in France. Since 1686. Molière was a regular there 😉
La Seine, close to les Pont des Arts.
 C’est le batobus
 Les Ponts des Arts. The amount of padlocks were unreal…
 Musée du Louvre!
 Look how tiny we are compared to it! C’est magnifique!
Les Pyramides du Louvre
More to come so stay tuned!

À bientôt,

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