2 Nights In Provence

I was recently in Provence and it was a very different experience from life in Paris. For one thing, I was able to wear my usual bright colors without feeling awkward or out of place. It was my first time taking the TGV (Le train grand vitesse) and that thing is crazy fast but you won’t realize it when you’re inside. It was simply astonishing.

I was fortunate to visit le Palais des papes and was very surprised by the fact that L’Avigion was once the Vatican city way back in the 14th century. One thing about France in general is their abundance of classic monuments, a lot that date back to the Roman times. I was speechless when I realized I was walking on the same ground and (almost) seeing the same things as people from the 14th century. MIND-BLOWING!

There was a very impressive light show called “Carrières de Lumières” that took place in a cave and the pictures were reflected on the stone wall. I also visited beautiful villages in the Baux de Provence, Gordes et Roussillon each with their own unique characteristics but all equally beautiful. Of course it wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to the Pont du Gard.

Check out my outfit here.

Gare de Lyon
Le Palais des papes
Flower exposition: This one’s called Ketchup and Mustard

Who knew sheep butt tastes so good?
Du fromage blanc
Aïoli: Mayonnaise seasoned with ALOT of garlic. Traditional provençal dish
Chessy pose but it’s le Pont du Gard
The village of Roussillon
Le village de Gordes
Carrières de Lumières


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