What France Taught Me About Nigeria

I have been doing a lot of touristy things in France (of course) and if there’s one thing that has stood out to me, it’s the abundance of museums, gardens and historical monuments here, there’s just so much to see and do!

The amount of effort, time and money put into preserving these monuments is simply outstanding and it shows how much value the French have for their history and culture. While falling more in love with France by being immersed in their culture, I can’t help but think of Nigeria. I can’t say I have been as curious to visit the numerous monuments Nigeria has to offer. Though not as many as France (due to age and other factors), there are many notable places like; Aso Rock, Obudu Cattle Ranch and Tafawa Balewa Square just to list a few.

Honestly speaking, I have visited only 4 out of 36 states in Nigeria; Lagos, Delta, FCT and Rivers. I can’t really count the last two because I was really young and hardly remember my experience there. Being in France reminded me of how much I have to do back home. When you ask me places I want to visit, most are international and I often forget how much exploring I have to do back home. It’s surprising how much you can learn about a place by just being there.

I can see how this behavior goes unnoticed because the Parisians looks at us foreigners funny as we screams, cry or pass out when we see the Eiffel Tour for the first time. You don’t appreciate things when you see them everyday but you realize it’s true worth when you’re away from it for so long or you see the reactions from other people. I want to fall more in love with Nigeria, I want to see more of my country.

Thank you, France. Thank you for reminding me to appreciate more of what my country has to offer. 
Je vais ajouter à ma liste inifinite des raisons que je t’aime.

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