We all know how important firewood was (and still is) in the African culture. You could learn more background info from the fire adage. This adage applies to a lot of things in life from work to relationships etc but I’m going to relate it to school since well, it’s that time of the year.

As young adults, we are at the stage where we’re “gathering firewood”. When night time comes, will you have enough to keep yourself warm? Or will you go begging others to lend you some? Don’t forget others are struggling to gather theirs as well. While there are a select few people who will genuinely share their wood with you, most won’t. It’s like film trick. Are your actions portraying that of a person will who will be confident in their efforts?
 As teenagers or young adults whichever you are, we are blessed to have time on our side and I’ve been told countless times by my parents that NOW is the time to build your foundation for the future. It’s a one time chance. Once you’ve missed it, you’ve missed it and it’s never coming back. Unfortunately, time waits for no one.You don’t need to know straight up what you want to be down to the smallest detail but whatever point in life you’re in, work hard. I mean, work like mad. Just do your best.

  Like everything in life I believe whatever is worth doing is worth doing well no matter how small. School‘s about to start and you might be happy, sad, nervous, or all of the above and that’s fine but be on top of your game from DAY ONE. Organize and prioritize work and play. Don’t leave things till last minute because if you don’t “gather your firewood” during the day AKA do your homework, go to class, work hard then you will hardcore freeze at night it won’t even be funny. God forbid, I wish that for no one so before I get carried away, I have a post you should check out where I go in-depth on handling the hassles of school life.
Believe it or not (you better believe), the decisions you make today really do stick with you. Forget what other people are doing and do you regardless of what anyone has to say. You shouldn’t follow what everyone is doing because you’re afraid to stand alone. Why? In the end you will be the one to answer and face the consequences of your decisions. In the end you’re picking your firewood and the other person is picking theirs even when you decide to pick together. Yes, it’s easier said than done but practice makes perfect. Start picking.
 I was randomly looking at internships for next summer (what? it’s never too early) and while filling out the online form, they asked me for my SAT and ACT scores. Would you believe my shock? It’s been what, 2 years since I last smelt the dark and scary prison cells of the exam rooms (yes, I really did hate subject tests) and it just won’t leave me alone. You see where I’m coming from?
Even with your relationships with people. You never know, that person you were once mean or nice to might be the person you’ll need to turn to for help. You could save a life using the CPR skills you learnt once upon a time. You just never know. Life works in mysterious ways. 
 My point is… Work HARD. Stay humble. Gather your firewood.  Treat everyone with respect. Be YOUR best. Be YOURself. Pray. Fill your mind and heart with positivity. And just live…in the woods with your bonfire.

As this new school session starts and you journey through life, may you be the best firewood gatherer you can be…