In a nutshell…

2014 was a really exciting year for myself and my site as things were created and things also kinda fell apart. One of the very first ones was my trip to France where I spent six gorgeous weeks and it was simply amazing. If you know me, you’ll know I love the language and culture… well most of it, haha. I do LOVE traveling but this trip meant a lot to me because I actually won a scholarship. I was so happy because I felt like I helped my parents by taking the weight off their shoulders, like I was giving back to them and it felt good knowing I did it myself. Makes sense? 

At the beginning of fall (or autumn), I revamped Miss LAJA’s look and I am soo in love with it. Though it’s not exactly where I want it to be, it’s a lot closer than where I’m coming from. For real, when I look back at my old posts, the makeup of my images from quality to my poses (some of which make me cringe hardcore), I’m so amazed by how far I’ve come and how much has changed in the passed year. Literally, a year ago. Seeing these massive improvements, I’m really curious and excited for what 2015 has to offer.

I also had my first feature on Intice followed by a more recent (and bigger) one on ThisDay. Hmm, till now I’m still wondering if it’s real. I don’t even know what to type because I’m at a loss of words. It might seem small to some but I am SO happy/humbled seeing Miss LAJA’s flames growing and touching more people. I also added a new section, of selling African prints etc and that’s undergoing a lot of reconstruction so stay tuned! All I can say is cheers to more!

This semester, I also decided that medical school wasn’t the place for me and this actually caused me to panic (a lot) because I had always said I would become a doctor (specifically dermatologist) for as long as I can remember. I was a lot more confident because my parents didn’t impose the idea on me so I was so sure it was meant to be. Plus, I have never been the type to always change my mind. I realized a disjoint because my love for Miss LAJA kept growing and I didn’t feel the fire or excitement when I thought of MCATs, health related internships and the likes. I wasn’t as motivated and I realized that as things got tougher, “being good” wasn’t enough if I didn’t have the interest/passion to fall back on. I don’t mind suffering but I’d much rather suffer for something I love and believe in.
I feel/felt a lot more at peace, I slept better (believe it or not) and I didn’t have the nagging feeling that I was making the wrong decision. Okay, I did a bit but everything seemed to be pointing me away from medical school and I didn’t see any point trying to fight myself and waste time in the process. So yes, this semester was a rough one for me and for some strange reason, people I’ve spoken to had similar experiences. Maybe there’s something in the air? All in all, I feel like I’m in a much better place. I’m still trying to find other ways to express my love for beauty and skin (yes, skin) that isn’t necessarily dermatology. I won’t say I’ve figured everything out to a tee but the future looks brighter. A lot is still changing but once I declare my major(s) in Spring, I’ll definitely share!

Enough, with school but yeah, the year has been something and I also have you guys to thank. I can’t count how many times I’ve opted to work on this site instead of doing homework. Hehe, I like to call it “Positive Procrastination” but seeing more of you guys hop on board this past year has been one of the best things. Like, I’m not alone and talking to myself… Or am I? Haha!

Thank you to my family, my friends and you reading this. For pushing me, guiding me and holding me up. You’re the real MVP.
Cheers, my loves as Miss LAJA officially welcomes 2015. It’s only the beginning.

See you next year…

Happy New Year,