Since I wear a lot of African prints, I decided to go more in-depth so I’m introducing the “How-To” series where I give my tips and tricks for styling different printed pieces. The first in the series would be the ankara skirt.

LAJA Tip 1: Neutrals
When all else fails, neutrals are your best friend. Having blouses in the basic colors like black, white, brown and cream are a necessity in every girl’s wardrobe. For printed skirts, you can use them to pull the whole look together as well as tone it down. Personally, I prefer black and white shades… Especially black as it’s very low maintenance. You know the drill, you want your top half to complement your bottom half so it’s balanced out.

 Since the bottom is loud, keep the top mild.

LAJA Tip 2: Complementary Colors
If you really think about it, prints especially African prints have made combining colors a lot easier. How? They are mixed with colors that compliment each other. You can play off the colors on the skirt and chose to make your top one of the recessive colors on the skirt. On the other hand, you can pick a color that contrasts the colors on the skirt. Either ways, use the colors on your skirt to your advantage! 

If you’re not great with color’s, peep this article for a crash course. I wasn’t born a pro but practise, practise and more practise will get you there. 


LAJA Tip 3: Double Trouble
In Nigeria, skirts are usually sewn with a complimentary blouse. While this requires the least thinking, you can really make a statement with your ensemble so have fun with it!
 What do you think of my “How-To” Series? Let me know what you’d like to see in the comments below. 

I hope these tips were helpful! Talk to you in a bit!