Sighting: Kim Shui

It’s been the longest time since my last sighting post but I have another interesting one for you today! Last Fridays, I had the opportunity to meet fashion designer, Kim Shui. She had a fashion show titled “The Blue Devil Wears Prada” last Saturday that I was privileged to be a  part of but before I go into that, let’s rewind back to the day before the show.

So, the plan on my end was to connect with Kim, learn about her and her experiences in the fashion show because you know, I also really into fashion as well. Oh, you didn’t know? Well, now you do. So yes, that was the plan. I thought we’d set up a one on one meeting but nope, it was the dress rehearsal for the fashion show the next day. So you’d think this would be obvious considering I actually knew about the show; in fact I was going to “help out” behind the scenes with wardrobe styling but at this point I didn’t know what exactly I was doing. Cutting the long story short, I was shocked I walked into the dress rehersal and I met Kim and her colleague J’Mill (whose outfit I was oogling at the whole time). 

Although I didn’t get to talk to Kim one-on-one for a long time since everyone was running around, it was a great experience seeing what goes in behind the scenes the day before a fashion show. I was able to give some inputs on the music choices for the walks and also assess if the clothings the models had on were flattering on them. We did runs to “practise” changing between scenes because some models had little time between each change. In short, we had to be QUICK. I really enjoyed it! Pretty amazing right? I got photos with the duo and said my goodbyes.

Moving on to Saturday, I got backstage at 4pm (the show was scheduled for 7pm) and then, I discovered my purpose. I was to direct the models by making sure they wore the right outfit for the right scene and lined up on time and accordingly. So basically keeping everyone in check. Now, the situation is that I hadn’t been in situation like this where I basically had to bark out orders at people but I’ll tell you this, as much as it was terrifying, it felt pretty darn good. Haha! I was actually surprised/proud of myself. I worked alongside another colleague who made sure things were running smoothly outside the dressing room so it was nicely shared. I also had the help from the hairstylists and makeup artists plus some models had friends to help them switch outfits.

I zipped, unzipped, buckled and unbuckled a million times and from my point of view, things were far from fabulous behind the scenes. That’s one of the things I really appreciate about fashion; everyone goes through hell to ensure the end results look like they dropped floated down from heaven. There’s so much work that goes on. From an outsiders point, you’ll won’t have the slightest idea when you see those models walking down the runway or those pictures looking so polished. I seriously loved it and if you can’t tell by now, I learnt a greattt deal just working behind the scenes. I really had a good time and Kim/J’Mill were a delight to work with. Just being there alone, I learnt that I do like wardrobe styling/directing life and I’d sure like to do it again. I’ll be honest and say I was a bit intimidated but once I eased into it, I was quite surprised at myself. 
Although Kim and I have different aesthetics in fashion, I was really impressed with her collections. My favorite pieces were from this collection and these jackets are absolutely stunning! It’d be interesting to see how I can blend it with ankara, haha!

Anyways, Kim is the first designer I’ve worked closely with and it was an awesome opportunity. She’ll definitely not be the last but all the best on her endeavors. It’s great finding/meeting a Duke alumni that’s fully immersed in the fashion industry. Woop woop!

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