7 Holiday Gift Ideas For Her

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday! Goshh, I ate so much (surprise) I thought I was going to explode. Even sleeping was a problem. Wow. Anyways, I was also able to get in some stuff for Black Friday, yayy!! There were A LOT of crazy deals but I made sure to keep to my budget since you know, I’m an adult like that. Hehe!

Christmas is around the corner and these are some items I wouldn’t mind grabbing for myself, haha! Hopefully it offers some inspiration for you. Plus there are some crazy things out there being made with prints! *Swoon*

  • Prêt-àCréer Print Textiles
PC: Vlisco

I love buying fabrics because I sew clothing A LOT as you know. Most of the print clothing on this site so far are designed by me. I’ll definitely be picking up more over the holidays. I have a couple 6yd fabrics for sale so email me if you’re interested 🙂 I usually use DaViva fabrics for my clothing. If you’re looking for luxury prints, I love Vlisco. Remember this vintage ankara dress that’s at least 10 years? Yup, that’s Vlisco magic right there.

PC: L’Aviye

These are the least tacky pair of print shoes I’ve seen thus far and they’re from L’Aviye. I’m actually impressed maybe it has something to do with them resembling this pair? Regardless, yes, yes and yes!


I’ve reading this book attentively since I got it and I was fortunate to meet the author. I haven’t heard of a professor who’s specialty is African textiles but that’ll be me if I ever go into academia (not very likely atm). If you’re looking to learn more about history in African fashion, how the industry is evolving and the historical + cultural influences present in some brands today, this one’s for you.

PC: Xnasozi

I got a lot of questions about the ankara lamp I posted on my Instagram. I finally searched and found a similar one yay! Funny story, I have an outfit made with this exact print too! Eek, we could match!


Because, why not :)`

PC African Lookbook

This is just too cute, haha! It could work for summer and rainy weather. My eyes rolled back when I saw this one though. Crazy, I know but would you buy it if you had the money?

PC: African LookBook

Who doesn’t want a unique case though?

Which do you like the most? Let me know down below and I hope you like my selections!




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