Modern Muse

I’m a self-confessed print-a-holic if that’s even a thing (if it isn’t, it now is 🙂 ) So imagine when I stumbled across this illustration campaign by Sabine Pieper for Vlisco. I was left in awe and had to share. I love illustration art but combining it with prints? I’m sold on all levels.

The images embody a woman who I connect with on so many levels; confident, fierce, strong, gracious and eternally beautiful. I hope she inspires you like she did me. Can we just stop to appreciate this color and pattern blocking skills that is this spread? If this were a runway collection, I’d have all of them. Please and thank you.

Happy new month! We’re now in the final lap of 2015 so it’s important to take time to reflect on how this year went so far for you. I’ll be sharing mine in some upcoming posts so till then, I’ll leave you to enjoy the beauty in these images.

Which is/are your favorite?

miss-lajasabinepieper_270712_12 miss-lajasabinepieper_270712_07 miss-lajasabinepieper_270712_10 miss-lajasabinepieper_270712_04 miss-lajasabinepieper_270712_05 miss-lajasabinepieper_270712_09 miss-lajasabinepieper_270712_06 misslaja-sabinepieper_270712_08 misslaja-sabinepieper_270712_03 misslaja-sabinepieper_270712_02 misslaja-sabinepieper_270712_13

Photos Courtesy Sabine Pieper



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