Blue Lagoon

12369964_1010746672321964_1746294379_oI’m half asleep as I type this since I just touched down in Nigeria and my body is just confused. First thing I was greeted with was the heat and I welcomed it wholeheartedly because you know I’m not at all about that cold life. Anyways, it’s good to be home and have a change of space/location. It honestly makes a huge difference in my personality and demeanor. I feel different, even weird so to say. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I haven’t been home in the past year? It might not sound like a big deal but my personality changes with location. Not drastically though but it does change. Another possibility is I’m just plain tired and I’m just pouring out my brain. Either ways, do you have any experience with this?

Today’s pictures are from a collab I did with a photographer, Justin. I had so much fun during this shoot and loved geeking about photography life and struggles. It’s always great teaming up with people who are so passionate about their craft. If you’re looking to find cool and unique music + photography, check him out here.

Enjoy and I’ll talk to you in a bit!





Photos by Justin Báez


Outfit details

Skirt: LAJA Styles

Sweater: Windsor

Earrings/ Swarovski tear drop bracelet: Fulfill Jewelry

Spiked Cuff: Thrifted






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