8 Illustrations To Begin 2016


With the start of a New Year, I always believe in making goals not resolutions. Whenever I make resolutions, I always seem to fall of them within a short period and honestly, I’m not the biggest believer in the whole “New Year, New me” type of talk. Old habits die hard… real hard. Instead, I prefer the saying “New Year, better me” or something along those lines. An improvement from bad habits and persevering on good habits while taking them to the next level.

I want to talk about my goals on here because I am able to hold myself more accountable especially when it comes to you guys and Miss LAJA 🙂 I’ll say my main goal for Miss LAJA this year is to collaborate and connect with people whose visions are in line with Miss LAJA. I now understand that if I really want to grow this platform and community into something a lot bigger than myself, I have to get out more, reach out more, connect, network and see what’s going on outside this bubble I’ve so carefully crafted. In the near future, I want to read this post and laugh out loud with joy seeing of how far I will have come. It’ll involve letting go of fear (especially), doubt and just working my ass off. Looking forward to it. What are you looking forward to this year? Things you want to let go, pick up or improve on. Share your story, you never know who it might inspire.

I want to hear from you. Considering the different things I do on here, which is your favorite and least favorite? I want to do more of what you all like and less of what you don’t so we’re both happy. This year, what do you want to see more of? Gele posts? Ankara outfit posts? Adages? Print Inspo? Do you have any other suggestions? I need to know so telll me in the comments, email me or message me on Facebook (Miss LAJA) or Instagram (@miss_laja)!!

You know I love me some illustrations so I compiled 10 to express how I want and am decreeing my 2016 to be. What are you looking forward to this 2016? What are you decreeing for yours?

Slaying in more print.
Having a smaller but higher quality circle.
Letting go of the have-nots of 2015.
Slaying more print because duh, #AfricanPrintsAreVersatile.
Finding a balance.
Reveling in grace.
Connecting with like minds.
Illustrations by Peniel Enchill,
Nikki’s GrooveStephy Coffey,
Paul Keng and Papa Oppong

Bring it on 2016,


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