LAJA in Osborne

springparkyaadwebsite-21After an emotional departure from the cottage, LAJA’s adventures lead her to Osborne. Feeling stronger in her every evolving identity, this time she means business. Very comfortable as a solo explorer, she decides to celebrate her new found confidence and indulges in the luxuries of life through SpringPark Yaad Hotel.

It was going to be a short stay since she often craved change but as always, she’d make the most of it…

To be continued…misslaja-springpard-yaad-hotels-1misslaja-springpard-yaad-hotels-4springparkyaadhotels-7springparkyaadwebsite-22springparkyaadhotels-13springparkyaadhotels-4springparkyaadhotels-15misslaja-springpard-yaad-hotels-1-2misslaja-springpard-yaad-hotels-2-2

Outfit details

Ankara Jumpsuit: LAJA Styles

Sandals: Charlotte Russe

Jewelry: Fulfill Jewelry

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

Bag: Michael Kors

Shot by: LAJA Photography & Fresco Genius



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