5 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I decided to compile some outfit inspiration that has reflected my mood lately. I’ve always believed that we should always celebrate Val’s day regardless of your marital status. You show love to everyone whether it’s your S.O, your parents and even yourself (yes boo, celebrate self love) I always consider dressing up to be a part of celebration. It’s just so fun and you feel amazing! This is one of those days where you literally have a reason to dress up (if you don’t already dress up everyday like I do, haha)  Black and red are two colours that are super close to my heart so excuse the overload if that’s not your thing. But then again, this is a site for ankara and other African prints so if you didn’t expect lots of colour,  #why? and #whatchudoin’?

Anyways, here are some inspirations on incorporating ankara through out the day.

Which is your favorite outfit and where will you wear it to?



This outfit is fab for a dinner with your S.O (significant other) that’ll  proceed to a play or musical. The occasion call for mostly sitting down so you can go all out with your high heels. I absolutely adore this dress from Demestik New York. His pieces are feminine and very flattering. Sleek you hair into a high ponytail, throw on a bold lip(my life motto)  and you’re ready to go!

Dinner Out

Ankara Dress: here

Rock Studded Pumps



First a moment of silence for the greatness that is this ankara blouse *swoon*. Peplums always save the day, let’s be real. If you’re going to be eating a lot, you’re welcome in advance. This outfit is can work for all times of the day. So you want to take your work outfit to the next level (why not though) or you won’t have enough time to change after work for your outing. You could wear flats during the day and switch out to the heels. Or you could wear the heels through out cause why not? I believe in you.


Valentine's Day 1.0

Ankara Blouse

Selina Gold-Tone Bracelet Set

Alexis Fireball Earring Set




This one’s for all my girls who want the edgy vibe. Yes, you can rock the bad girl look with ankara (remember this look?). If you’re going to be more active during the day, say a luncheon, an amusement park (sans chinky heels of course) or a concert. Comfort is prime. If the occasion isn’t heel appropriate, switch to some cute flats. I’m not at all about the sneakers/converse life but that’s an alternative if that’s up your alley. 


Valentine's Day 2.0

Ankara Blouse: here

River Island Womens Gold tone medium flat bottom hoop earrings
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
frontrow Leather Biker Jacket
Essie reds nail color, retro revival life of the party 0.46 oz (14 ml)
MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Trish’ Platform Sandal (Women)
American Apparel Burgundy Riding Breeches

ALDO Gorgone Drop Earrings


This outfit is me on a typical day. Typical LAJA outfit, haha. The LAJA skirt from my collection (holla, holla) with this delicious blouse from Charlotte Russe (tucked in, of course), a pair of sheer tights and these chunky shoes or flats (depending on who you are 😉 ). It’s great for lectures, a day out with the girls, if you want to be cute or all the above. #BecauseYouCan


LAJA skirt: here

Orelia Crystal Triangle And Bar Drop Two Pack Earring Set
Cole Haan Jenni Buckle Ballet II
Cold Shoulder Keyhole Blouse
ALDO Box Clutch Rhinestone Fringe Detail


Because you will be having fun celebrating yourself on Valentine’s Day, hellooo. Wear this for a night out with the girls and let these L’Aviye pumps bring life to your feet (literally). Onsies are one of fashion’s best creations in my opinion. Low energy, high slayage. It’s a win, win my love!

Valentine's day 4.0

Halter Jumpsuit: here

Ankara Shoes: here

 Red Belt

Gold Bracelets



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