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LAJA: So, give us a schpill about yourself.
i: My name is Olukemi Adeyemi. I am Nigerian and the second child in my family of five. I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria but moved to the U.S for college. I am currently a sophomore at Temple University, Philadelphia and I major in Human Resource Management in the Fox School of Business. I am 20 years old! I love God, kids, food and helping people. I believe life is like a roller coaster ride and I try to enjoy every moment of it!

LAJA: Young minds winning! So what are the motivations behind Éclat Designs?

Kemi: Motivations for our designs are mostly the African print “Ankara” and the love for stylish items with a touch of Ankara. I can see or think of something really nice and come up with ideas on how our prints can be incorporated to make a lovely design.


LAJA: #Ankaralove all the way! In your journey, what are you most proud of?

Kemi: Right now I’m proud that Éclat Collections has a website! It’s amazing and humbling at the same time to see how far we have grown in one year and six months. The opportunities we have had and where we have been. I would not have believed any of all these would have been possible two years ago. I’m excited and I know it only gets better for Eclat Collections from here!

LAJA: Let’s jump several steps. Where do you see your designs in the next 5 years? 10 years?

Kemi: I see Éclat designs rising as one of the best African Inspired lines. I see celebrities and people from different decent rocking our items! Eclat is working hard to not only be known in the U.S but worldwide. A brand to be reckoned with.


LAJA: Your thoughts on the future of African fashion?

Kemi: I believe fashion in Africa will become a lasting trend. We have a growing potential and market for fashion in Africa. Amazing talents everywhere and even undiscovered ones. It will be a platform for transformation in different African cities and hopefully a thread that binds us together. We just need to cultivate the habit of supporting and encouraging our own as that is vital for growth!

LAJA: Kudos to you on being a full time student and business woman. How do you handle both while keeping your sanity?

Kemi: Honestly, God has been my strength and biggest motivation. He truly keeps me going and focused when it gets hard and stressful. I’ve also learnt to multi-task and to set my priorities right. For now, my education comes first and then my business. When it’s getting overwhelming I slow down a bit with my business in order to gain balance. My younger sister, Tofunmi Adeyemi, has been my right hand! She’s really awesome and helps with the business. She handles a lot which makes life easier. My friend also Tinuke Faloye, has been of great support as she assists with our social media and designs. It does get stressful sometimes but when you love what you are doing, you’re motivated to keep it going!


LAJA: Snaps for the prioritizing tip, I agree, it’s everything. Since you give goof advice, what’s your biggest life and career tip?

Kemi: For life, be grateful to God for the things you have, where you are and the people around you. Life can get tough but don’t dwell in your pains and misfortunes that you get so blind to those around you that may be going through the same or worse and fail to lend a helping hand. Everyone has different seasons in life, be present in your life and work towards being a better you.

For career, never despise small beginnings. It may not be smooth at the beginning and you may get discouraged but keep pressing on and going after what you love. Stay true to yourself, idea and build great relationships along the way!

LAJA: I’m a big believer in quotes/proverbs so what’s yours and what does it means to you?

Kemi: My favorite quote is “Charisma without Character leads to Disaster” I love this quote as I believe ones attitude in life is very important and can set the tone of success or failure. Your character can take you to places beyond your imaginations. People may forget your face but won’t forget how you made them feel. It’s not just okay to have a nice face without a nice attitude. Beauty fades but character stays.


LAJA: It was lovely speaking with you, Kemi. If we want to come say hi, where do we find you?

Come find us on:

Instagram : @eclatcollections / @kemstarr__

Facebook: Éclat Collections


I love learning about new brands and personalities pioneering the use of African prints in fashion, art and beyond. If this describes you,  LAJA wants to hear your story. Shoot an email to and we’ll go from there!

Photos provided by Éclat Collections



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