Earth To LAJA


I’ll just be honest with myself and admit that I’m a sucker for flared skirts and off should tops (substitute turtle necks for colder weather)  This is a casual outfit that’s comfy yet chic. I found myself gravitating towards it and I thought “Not again.” This one is from my fashion line, LAJA. The amount of flared skirts prints and plain alike is quite embarrassing but in my defense, flares are very flattering on most body shapes. It’s versatile, you can wear flared-on-flared (my personal favorite as you can tell) or tight-on-flared so it’s a win-win. I plan on shooting more casual outfits for different occasions so keep your eyes peeled.

In other news, it’s crunch time for me. I’m a co-organizer for my school’s African cultural showcase and the show’s exactly a week from today so next week’s going to be very interesting. I’m quite excited. You know I love backstage chaos, hahaha! Wish me good luck 🙂

It’s also my burff-day on Monday but I’m most likely going to be stuck doing homework and getting things together for JABULANI. #LAJADay coming through! My roommate just mentioned Corbin Bleu’s getting married… What? Like what? Dayumm, time flies. Anyways, go to go now, off to dreamland.

Have a lovely weekend and talk to you in a bit!

Outfit details

Courte Skirt: LAJA

Crop top: Charlotte Russe

Thong Sandals: Ralph Lauren

Purse: Target




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