Duro Olowu Fall RTW 2016

Nigerian Designer Duru Olowu’s Fall 2016 Ready To Wear Collection has me questioning what I consider Fall and Winter colours. At first glance, the colour choices are rather bright; blues, greens, oranges. It’s rather surprising the lack of darks but then, the Duro Olowu Woman cares not what time of the year it is. She will wear the printed dress, cheetah tights and leopard booties with no sh*ts given. And she will wins.

A moment of silence for the BEAUTY that is the orange cape + culottes combo. I have a terribly soft spot for orange so no surprise there. Besides, the cape, my favorite piece(s) have to be the print mesh ankara vest AND the black collage dress. I love the juxtaposition between the structured vest and the breezy skirt. The collection and theme is so heavy on the eyes you feel a bit uncomfortable with many clashing prints however, Duro Olowu does tend to push the boundaries on print-on-print combo.

The leopard print tights and zebra print boots are not my favorite but anyone getting 30s silhouettes with some Victorian inspo from this collection? High-necks, tea lengths, long sleeves, lots of animal prints and even the sheep in the background? What do you think? Yay or Nay for clashing prints?  Share your thoughts below.









Photo: Luis Montreio / Courtesy of Duro Olowu

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