Hope you enjoyed the weekend. I spent Saturday cooking and rolling around in bed all day. You know the feeling when you’ve been doing too much and your mind/body just need to chill ? Yup, that was me this weekend and it felt great. Painted my nails later that evening, very therapeutic.

Today’s video is on mud cloth. Share and like if you found it useful. Let me know your video suggestions as well, I’m listening.


J’espere que vous passiez un bon weekend. J’ai passez le mien en faisant la cuisine et en paressant dans mon lit. Savez-vous le sentiment d’avoir fait trop et votre corps/espirit ne veulent que se relaxer? Si, c’était moi partout ce weekend et je me sentais absolument géniale. Plus tard, j’ai fait mes ongles, je le trouve délassant.

Je discute le tissue en boue dans le video d’aujourd’hui. Partagez et aimez-le si vous l’avez trouvé utile. Dites-moi vos suggestions, j’écoute.





2 thoughts on “Mudcloth

  1. Love yours! The video is educating as well as fashionable. Kudos!

    1. I’m glad you learnt something new ❤

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