Hello there,

I thought I’d share my ankara essentials for fall.

What are ankara essentials?

These are basic foundation pieces that will allow me get more use out of my ankara clothing. Transitioning prints across different seasons can be tricky and I don’t buy into the myth of summer vs fall vs winter “appropriate: prints. I believe prints can be worn year round and these workhorse items ensure my ankara clothing get enough love as the season changes. Funny enough, a lot of my summer ankara essentials carried over to fall (and will most likely winter). Accolades for smart shopping.  Let’s get on to those items, shall we?


  • Black maxi Dress (2)
  • Black mini Dress (2)

I currently have four. 1 turtle neck, 1 spaghetti strap and 2 cold shoulder dresses. Perfect for layering or those “I have nothing to wear” days.

  • Palazo pants (2)

One in black (pictured) and navy. I’ve concluded that, these are by far my favorite style of pants. Feels like I’m floating, which I love.

  • Maxi Skirt (1) 

In black

  • Mini Skirts (3)

Currently owned in 3 colors; black, navy and red.

  • Capes/Ponchos (3) – one / two / three

I have three; one black, one checkered and one from mud cloth.

**Are you seeing a color trend yet?**


  • Ballet flats (3)

In black, blue and gold. I’m hoping to add a red pair but I’m not pressed at this time.

  • Ankle booties (2)

I’ve had the same pair from Payless for 4+ years. It’s still going strong and looks amazing. It’s longevity is simply outstanding. Shooketh? That I am. Looking to upgrade my high-heeled bootiethey are significantly worn out.

  • Jeans and Leggings (2)

A necessary evil because I’m not the biggest pants girl. I’d rather endure than freeze though. Still hoping to find a pair of jeans that have stellar fitting especially in the waist to hip ratio. I’m accepting that maybe (just maybe) the trouser life is not for me. Currently have one pair of jeans and one pair of leggings… in black duh.

  • Mid heel sandals (1)

I’m in the South so we get an extended summer (yay) and my toes can still come out to play (I dislike toes by the way). I have one versatile pair in black suede. Looking to add a beige version in the coming season.

  • Basic Blouse (2)

In black and blue. For someone who wears skirts year round, I’m a little light in this department and I scored both tops for under $20 at a vintage store.

Total excluding shoes: 17 items

Total including shoes: 23 items


Final verdict

I’m very happy with the direction my wardrobe is going in. There’s definitely room for improvement but I can say every single one of these items are a wonderful pleasure to have and use. My ankara clothing and personal style are thankful. There are a few upgrades I’m looking to make and will update along the way.

What are your workhorse items in your wardrobe?

I’d love to know, talk to you in a bit.