10 Must-Have Fashion Items I Don’t Buy

From it list to hit list.

Dearly beloved, fashion week recently ended and while I didn’t follow any of the shows, I  was inspired by a post from one of my favorite blogs. I’m a fan of personal style book and this one in particular by Nina Garcia, I love and have re-read over the years. However, I found myself unable to identify with a lot of her “classic woman must-haves”.

I often regard such publications as suggestive rather than instructive. I interpret them as “have you considered…” rather than “you must [insert action] if you want [insert desirable result]”. Creating my definition of “classic” instead of trying to mold myself into someone else’s definition, I’ve found is a better strategy. Classic style is subjective and varies across individuals. There’s no one size fits all. It stems from knowing myself, my likes and more importantly, my dislikes.

Being aware of my dislike enables me set clear boundaries. I can thoroughly enjoy books, films and magazine because I recognize they don’t define my self-worth and value. I simply take what serves me and leave the rest. Thus, when someone dubs cheetah print plastic platform heels as the coolest “must-have” staple item, I can listen and peacefully say, “I’m glad it works for you but it’s not for me and that’s okay” *shoves coins back in pocket*


LAJA’s Fashion Hit list

1) White button down t-shirts

I dislike white anything because it’s too high maintenance and not the most flattering color on me. Plus, I happen to hate cleaning but seeing stains will drive me nuts. See my dilemma? With t-shirts, I’m not a fan of the rolled-sleeves look which is a big part of its appeal. I love highlighting my shoulders and back and don’t find it helps serve that purpose. Let’s just say, I’ve never found a white button-down t-shirt I liked.

2) A trench coat

I prefer a more structured look for my coats. I have never understood the hype in trench coats despite everyone and their mother swearing it will change your life. My style is more dressed up (even when I’m dressed down) and at this time, trench coats are too casual for my taste.

3) Denim/Jeans

Finding the right fit has been a long time struggle for me especially in the waist-to-hip ratio, ensuring it’s high waisted and stretchy enough. I find myself bringing jeans into my wardrobe in hopes that this time would be different but they always find their way back out. For instance, I only wore this one twice (the one time was for the shoot) and I gave it away. I prefer skirts, dresses and free flowing pants. Plus, I love showing off my legs.

4) Sneakers

I equate sneakers with gym shoes. I’ve personally experienced that most sneakers make my legs look shorter, stocky and imbalance my upper-to-lower body ratio. The exceptions are these ones which were a gift from a friend and have now become a staple in my wardrobe. I was hesitant at first but was astonished by how flattering and versatile they were. Other than that, sneakers? I’m good love.

5) Pencil Skirts

Too restrictive. I need room to open my legs. Freely.


6) Blazers

Unless it’s oversized. Meaning, If I wanted, I can wear it as a dress. I generally find them too “suited up” for my taste and they don’t fit in with my current lifestyle.

8) Black pumps

Haven’t found a pair I love and are comfortable. It’s funny that this made my hit list because 80% of my shoes are black. Ha! This might change though, we’ll see.

9) Rings

They unknowingly always find a way off my fingers. This might sound weird but I feel them on my skin. Unlike earrings which I wear and forget about, I’m hyper-aware there’s something wrapped around my fingers and that bothers me. A lot. Just typing it eeks me out.

10) Sunglasses / Prescription glasses

Similar to rings, I ALWAYS lose them. Cheap ones, expensive ones, if it’s a pair of glasses, their life span with me is 6 months. After losing my most recent pair, I will be sticking with more cost effective alternatives since clearly we prefer being apart than together. It is good for one to know thyself.

Tell me, what are fashion no-no items? I’d love to know. 




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