Can I Wear Africanprints If I’m Not African?

But really, can I?

Kente Cloth

Yay for Kente.

How To Elevate Your Ankara Styles

As the saying goes, "forward ever, backwards never."

How To Differentiate Between Fancy & Wax Prints First, it's Nigeria's independence day ! I did an editorial so check. it. out. Today's video is on how to differentiate between fancy and wax prints. They look SO similar to the unfamiliar eye but with time, mistakes and consistency, it gets easier. Do you have other tips I might have missed? Happy independence [...]

Mudcloth Hope you enjoyed the weekend. I spent Saturday cooking and rolling around in bed all day. You know the feeling when you've been doing too much and your mind/body just need to chill ? Yup, that was me this weekend and it felt great. Painted my nails later that evening, very therapeutic. Today's video [...]

10 Reasons I Love African Prints I've loved African prints aka ankara aka wax prints for as long as I remember. I grew up with, in and around it 🙂 Why do you love African prints? I'm keeping this short and sweet. Off to do some grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping a little too much. Something about a full [...]

African Print Diaries

The ankara fabrics that we most popularly refer to as “African prints” were not initially intended for “Africans”. When I first found out, I thought "Oh really?😕 Oya continue." Again, Dutch colonialists imitated Javanese batik to undercut the Indonesian fabric market. Inferior quality caused them to be rejected by local Indonesians so soldiers recruited by [...]

African Print Diaries: Caring For Wax & Fancy Print

  Wax Prints Wax prints can be hand-washed, machine-washed (w/ cold or warm water) or dry cleaned. There's no need to use a garment bag but you can if you please. Fading should be minimal because of the resin (a sticky insoluble compound) added to the fabric during production hence the name, "wax" prints. I've [...]

African Print Diaries: Print Cloth VS Woven Cloth

    African fabrics have 2 distinct categories woven cloth + printed cloth. Woven cloth is woven by hand or using a loom while printed cloth has patterns printed on it. True story😯😂 Woven cloth is more time consuming so they are often available in limited quantities at high prices. Woven cloth reflects craftsmanship so [...]

10 Facts About Bògòlanfini

I'm beginning a new series called African Print Diaries where I really share my knowledge and research about the beauty, diversity and versatility of prints. As much as I love creating editorials, I believe knowledge is power and I want LAJA to be bigger than I am. I want to educate and empower people. As [...]