Confessions Of A BridesMaid

Couples that slay together stay together right?Yeah, yeah there's a lot more to it but it flows so well. You guys know through my Instagram (@miss_laja) that I attended a wedding; my cousin's wedding to be precise and I was on the bridal train so of course I had to share the experience with you [...]

Confessions of A Rising Sophomore

SourceI'm officially done with my first year in college and what can I say? It was amazing... Amazingly quick. The fact that the first year went by so quickly makes four years of college look really short. At least as of now. My first year was filled with the highs and the lows but it [...]

Sighting: Olfa Riahi

This post is long over due but I had to make sure it was properly done! Approximately 3 weeks ago, Tunisian blogger, journalist, business woman and translator Olfa Riahi came to Duke to present a copy of the new Tunisian institution. If you didn't know there was a revolutionary movement that started on the 17th of [...]

Red and Leopard

Finals week is here. Ahh, I can smell freedom on the other side. Success to everyone taking exams around this time. Hold on!This is just a quick casual outfit. Honestly, I still don't know how I feel about these orange-ish, red-ish pumps. I've been eyeing them for a while and I was excited when I [...]

Easter Sunday

  Happy Easter everyone! How did you spend your Easter? I went to church and... Yeah, that's about it. I actually wish I was back home in Nigeria because you could really feel the vibe of the season but oh well, it's a countdown.See you next week!Always,Miss LAJA


Finally! Miss LAJA is now on Facebook! Please show some love, head over there and like it to keep up with Miss LAJA and Miss LAJA! Ha! See what I did there! 🙂 If you're wondering what I mean by that, check hereSpeaking of social media, also follow me on Instagram: here or @miss_laja Pinterest Here [...]


I was feeling really "Gatsby" and "Roaring Twenties" in this lovely ankara dress and my flower chain head band... Actually it's a necklace I magically turned into a headband. It was one of those situations that I either nailed the looked or I didn't... I think I nailed it.Yahhh or Nahhh? Leave your comments down below!Last [...]

Dear Miss LAJA: Lecture-Phobia

Outfit Details hereDear Miss LAJA,The semester is in full swing and I find that when I'm having a hard time in school, it affects my mood a lot and I don't like it. I'm taking a class that's known for being difficult and I went in with the mindset  that things would be ridiculously hard [...]

Monochrome Again?

 Oh, hey April! Oh, hey Spring!  Oh, hey warm weather!I've been waiting for you all for quite a while. Good to finally see your face!I said earlier on that you would be seeing quite a lot of loose pants/pieces on this blog. Trust me, I'm just starting.Today, I went for the classic monochrome look and touched [...]

Sturggles/Lessons Learned From Large College Classes

You've probably already experienced it (if you haven't you will). That one class that has over a hundred students (to say the least) and the professor is like "You all should feel free to stop me during the lecture and ask questions. Remember, it's a no-judging zone." Oh yeah? Tell me more.My bio class is a [...]