Hi lovely, I've been busy planning the African show at my school, JABULANI. Peep this post from last year.  It's this Saturday (2 days away actually) at 8pm in Page Auditorium so if you're in the Durham area, come to Duke and have a swell time celebrating the diversity of African culture on campus. It's [...]

My Place Is Not In The Kitchen

In Nigeria, being able to cook is a skill a young girl or woman should possess because not only does it signify good home training but it also better prepares the female for when she will one day become a mother and a wife. It is a source of pride for a woman to possess [...]


Besides the costumes and yummy candy, through some research  found out that Halloween is the celebration of the transition from the blissful harvest season to the dark cold winter (usually associated with death). It was believed that the veil between the world of the living and that of the death became blurred so the spirits [...]

Obalende Suya

First thing first, what’s suya? Obalende? Where's that? Suya is like an “African barbecue” where fresh meat parts (could be chicken or beef) is roasted on an open fire with lots of spices and pepper (especially pepper), chopped up and wrapped in newspaper with extra pepper plus fresh onions! Woop woop! When not chopped up, [...]