Bicycle Tales

I went on some errands today and got lost. My GPS died along with my phone battery and I was quite stranded. I went into a bicycle store and the sweetest lady allowed me charge my phone there and also went as far as to give me directions. Why does this touch my heart so [...]

Naughty & Nice

I came across these editorials and they've been giving me nothing but life. Both exuding different vibes but the one thing they have in common? Ankara. I had to share this with you, because this is life. Life, I tell you.  I was struck and very impressed by how high fashion but wearable these pieces [...]

5 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I decided to compile some outfit inspiration that has reflected my mood lately. I've always believed that we should always celebrate Val's day regardless of your marital status. You show love to everyone whether it's your S.O, your parents and even yourself (yes boo, celebrate self love) I always [...]


Some lovely inspiration I gathered on some styles you can use your ankara cloth or gele to make. I keep saying it, people are so creative! I would love to learn and expand my head gear skills. If you're new to the art of tying the gele, don't carry last. I made a tutorial for [...]

8 Illustrations To Begin 2016

With the start of a New Year, I always believe in making goals not resolutions. Whenever I make resolutions, I always seem to fall of them within a short period and honestly, I'm not the biggest believer in the whole "New Year, New me" type of talk. Old habits die hard... real hard. Instead, I [...]

Modern Muse

I'm a self-confessed print-a-holic if that's even a thing (if it isn't, it now is 🙂 ) So imagine when I stumbled across this illustration campaign by Sabine Pieper for Vlisco. I was left in awe and had to share. I love illustration art but combining it with prints? I'm sold on all levels. The [...]

Pillow Talk

Here are some creative ways prints are used in pillows. Which is your favorite and where would you put yours? Enjoy and Happy Wednesday! Photos: Pinterest   Always, Miss LAJA

Sweet Dreams

I want to introduce a new series to Miss LAJA where I showcase various ways African prints are in-cooperated beyond fashion. It's going to include art, decor, anything and everything that includes any type of African print. I do want this site to grow beyond me and the opportunities for prints are endless. You'll be [...]