Musing: Nike Davies

For Nigeria's 57th Independence, I decided to channel Nike Davies-Okundaye aka Nike Davies. She is a Nigerian artist & designer and a pioneer for Nigeria's traditional weaving and dying techniques. Her LAJA than life (see what I did there) head wraps, colorful batik clothing and layers of jewelry make her stand out instantly. She's has [...]

LAJA Runway: LFDW 2016

Lisa Folawiyo stays giving me life Andrea Iyamah can adopt me now Tears for this David Tlale (South Africa) dress Aso Oke skirt from Ladunni Lambo (Nigeria),  LOVE Onalaja (Nigeria) serving elegance This Odio Mimonet (Nigeria) skirt tho Omilua (Nigeria) taking mixing print to a new level Classic Maki Oh (Nigeria) Oh just another photo [...]

BRAG 2016

Twirlll Miss LAJA X Mummy LAJA 😀 Loved the decor LAJA X Laquan Smith ❤  Mega babe 😀  Intelligent Ladies The Honorees From the latest in #LAJAInNewYork, I had an absolute blast attending the BRAG 2016 Gala. BRAG (Black Retail Action Group) is a non-profit striving for diversity within the fashion and retail industry. It's [...]

LAJA X Forbes

In my LAJA Aniocha wrap dress Honored to have been selected as a Forbes Under 30 2016 Scholar. It's a very exciting recognition, cheers to more exciting things to come and thank you all for the support you've shown LAJA so far. Much love and have an exciting week! Always, Miss LAJA

Sighting: Éclat Collections

LAJA: So, give us a schpill about yourself. Kemi: My name is Olukemi Adeyemi. I am Nigerian and the second child in my family of five. I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria but moved to the U.S for college. I am currently a sophomore at Temple University, Philadelphia and I major in Human Resource Management [...]

Sighting: Chukwu “D” Designz

I met up with the brains behind Chukwu "D' Designs, Derrick Okeke. While shooting his pieces for this post, I learnt he is self-taught in the art ofankara wrapping and sewing. Talk about determination! Derrick is a Nigerian native and only started creating his designs back in 2015. I first saw his pieces during the [...]

Sighting: Kim Shui

  It's been the longest time since my last sighting post but I have another interesting one for you today! Last Fridays, I had the opportunity to meet fashion designer, Kim Shui. She had a fashion show titled "The Blue Devil Wears Prada" last Saturday that I was privileged to be a  part of but before [...]

Sighting: Godi Godar

Woop woop! Another cool sighting with a different twist! Meet Godi Godar, founder of GOConsciousEarth from the Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC). He came to talk about story, his culture and his works in my french class. I know, I seem to meet really interesting figures in my French class. Cheers to more interesting people and [...]

Sighting: Chimamanda Adichie

 So, I saw Chimanada Adichie…. twice in one day. One of the many reasons I LOVE DUKE. She came over [thanks for coming] to discuss her latest critically acclaimed novel Americanah which was the assigned summer read for the freshmen. Trust me, I learnt A LOT today not only from her but also from the [...]

Sighting: Olfa Riahi

This post is long over due but I had to make sure it was properly done! Approximately 3 weeks ago, Tunisian blogger, journalist, business woman and translator Olfa Riahi came to Duke to present a copy of the new Tunisian institution. If you didn't know there was a revolutionary movement that started on the 17th of [...]