Are African Prints Really African? Hey boo, I actually struggled making this video because I know it's a sensitive topic... at least for me. I'm coming to terms with the reality that is the past and address the topic in today's video. Hope it gives you a clearly idea of what my vision for this platform is. A moment [...]

LAJA Runway: LFDW 2016

Lisa Folawiyo stays giving me life Andrea Iyamah can adopt me now Tears for this David Tlale (South Africa) dress Aso Oke skirt from Ladunni Lambo (Nigeria),  LOVE Onalaja (Nigeria) serving elegance This Odio Mimonet (Nigeria) skirt tho Omilua (Nigeria) taking mixing print to a new level Classic Maki Oh (Nigeria) Oh just another photo [...]

Mother Knows Best

Hello lovely, I'm back with another ankara print styling post. I curate this look with 90% of Mummy LAJA's clothing and 10% mine. It's a blessing having an incredibly stylish (and intelligent) mother who you can permanently borrow from. This peplum top is a no brainer; the orange and black floral print are LAJA incarnate [...]

African Print Diaries

The ankara fabrics that we most popularly refer to as “African prints” were not initially intended for “Africans”. When I first found out, I thought "Oh really?😕 Oya continue." Again, Dutch colonialists imitated Javanese batik to undercut the Indonesian fabric market. Inferior quality caused them to be rejected by local Indonesians so soldiers recruited by [...]

African Print Diaries: Caring For Wax & Fancy Print

  Wax Prints Wax prints can be hand-washed, machine-washed (w/ cold or warm water) or dry cleaned. There's no need to use a garment bag but you can if you please. Fading should be minimal because of the resin (a sticky insoluble compound) added to the fabric during production hence the name, "wax" prints. I've [...]

African Print Diaries: Print Cloth VS Woven Cloth

    African fabrics have 2 distinct categories woven cloth + printed cloth. Woven cloth is woven by hand or using a loom while printed cloth has patterns printed on it. True story😯😂 Woven cloth is more time consuming so they are often available in limited quantities at high prices. Woven cloth reflects craftsmanship so [...]

Duro Olowu Fall RTW 2016

Nigerian Designer Duru Olowu's Fall 2016 Ready To Wear Collection has me questioning what I consider Fall and Winter colours. At first glance, the colour choices are rather bright; blues, greens, oranges. It's rather surprising the lack of darks but then, the Duro Olowu Woman cares not what time of the year it is. She [...]

10 Facts About Bògòlanfini

I'm beginning a new series called African Print Diaries where I really share my knowledge and research about the beauty, diversity and versatility of prints. As much as I love creating editorials, I believe knowledge is power and I want LAJA to be bigger than I am. I want to educate and empower people. As [...]

LAJA Unseen #11

Enjoy and don’t forget to check out the name of the pose above on LAJA-gram (@miss_laja). Any guesses? Leave them in the comments below! LAJA Unseen #10 | LAJA Unseen #9| LAJA Unseen 8 SHOP THE LOOKS ON LAJA COLLECTION Always, Miss LAJA

LAJA in Osborne

After an emotional departure from the cottage, LAJA's adventures lead her to Osborne. Feeling stronger in her every evolving identity, this time she means business. Very comfortable as a solo explorer, she decides to celebrate her new found confidence and indulges in the luxuries of life through SpringPark Yaad Hotel. It was going to be [...]