Kente Cloth

Yay for Kente.

How To Elevate Your Ankara Styles

As the saying goes, "forward ever, backwards never."

How to Style the Ankara Jacket Hey stunner! I'm sharing 5 different ways to style the ankara jacket this Fall using items you already have in your wardrobe. The key is to keep the jacket as the statement piece. Out of all my ankara jackets, this is my favorite by far. From the colors down to the fit, an anakra [...]

Musing: Nike Davies

For Nigeria's 57th Independence, I decided to channel Nike Davies-Okundaye aka Nike Davies. She is a Nigerian artist & designer and a pioneer for Nigeria's traditional weaving and dying techniques. Her LAJA than life (see what I did there) head wraps, colorful batik clothing and layers of jewelry make her stand out instantly. She's has [...]

How To Differentiate Between Fancy & Wax Prints First, it's Nigeria's independence day ! I did an editorial so check. it. out. Today's video is on how to differentiate between fancy and wax prints. They look SO similar to the unfamiliar eye but with time, mistakes and consistency, it gets easier. Do you have other tips I might have missed? Happy independence [...]

Are African Prints Really African? Hey boo, I actually struggled making this video because I know it's a sensitive topic... at least for me. I'm coming to terms with the reality that is the past and address the topic in today's video. Hope it gives you a clearly idea of what my vision for this platform is. A moment [...]

How to Style the Ankara Skirt This Fall Hellooo! In today's video, I address different ways to wear the ankara skirt this Fall before you pack them up with the rest of your summer clothing. I'm a skirt girl. Always have, always will be. Skirts are great year round pieces that can work from the hot summers to the cold winters. That's [...]

Mudcloth Hope you enjoyed the weekend. I spent Saturday cooking and rolling around in bed all day. You know the feeling when you've been doing too much and your mind/body just need to chill ? Yup, that was me this weekend and it felt great. Painted my nails later that evening, very therapeutic. Today's video [...]