What I’m truly passionate about

Spoiler, it's not African textiles.


My Fall Ankara Essentials

Hello there, I thought I'd share my ankara essentials for fall.

Shweshwe Cloth

Learn about South African Shweshwe cloth in today's video.

African Print Clothing I No Longer Wear & Why

Learnings from shit I no longer wear.

How Did Africa Become A Safari?

Would you like to know how fashion and European expositions played a role in shaping the "African Safari" stereotype?

The Iro Look

Used 7 products for the entire look. Call me LAJA the beauty influencer. *aggressively bats lashes*

Can I Wear Africanprints If I’m Not African?

But really, can I?

Ankara Dreams | A LAJA Film

I made and featured in my first film and I loved it.

My Ankara Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Brace yourself, winter is coming.

How to Look Ankara Chic

Hear thee, hear thee. Style tips from the ankara, chic queen herself.