Ashan-wa Aliogo, is an American-born Nigerian and founder of LAJA. She is passionate about learning, creating and living her best life. She loves and appreciates African textiles.  A bubbly and optimistic human, she appreciates dry/explicit jokes, can talk for days and graduated from Duke University. When she’s not experimenting with random recipes in the kitchen, hiking, drinking (especially green) tea or watching highly in-depth handbag reviews, you can find her stunting on her African fashion Youtube channel, LAJA TV.

Ashan-wa loves anything beauty, greenery, simplicity, wellness and natural skin-care. She enjoys winding down to honey masks while listening to calm (or ratch-trap) music depending on her mood. Her favorite colors are orange, royal blue, purple, black and red in no specific order. They’re the colors of her soul. Elle parle français aussi and happens to have some fire photographygele-tying skills