African Print Clothing I No Longer Wear & Why

Learnings from shit I no longer wear.

My Ankara Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Brace yourself, winter is coming.

Ankara Christmas

Tis the season to be ankara jolly.

4 Ways To Style Coral Beads

For the modern woman.

How to Style the Ankara Jacket Hey stunner! I'm sharing 5 different ways to style the ankara jacket this Fall using items you already have in your wardrobe. The key is to keep the jacket as the statement piece. Out of all my ankara jackets, this is my favorite by far. From the colors down to the fit, an anakra [...]

How To Differentiate Between Fancy & Wax Prints First, it's Nigeria's independence day ! I did an editorial so check. it. out. Today's video is on how to differentiate between fancy and wax prints. They look SO similar to the unfamiliar eye but with time, mistakes and consistency, it gets easier. Do you have other tips I might have missed? Happy independence [...]

LAJA’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL It's finally here ! Here's the trailer for my Youtube channel! Pumped/low key shitting my pants. Hope you all would ride along with me. I hope to share as much as I learn with you all and stick to my moto: African prints + textiles are diverse, versatile & beautiful 😉 SUBSCRIBE & TELL YA [...]

Where we left off

Almost cried editing these photos from a while back because it hit me how much I love and miss blogging and especially editing photos for you. I needed to take a huge step back because i was beginning to loose my perspective... I considered too many voices and opinions that I lost sight of why [...]

Mother Knows Best

Hello lovely, I'm back with another ankara print styling post. I curate this look with 90% of Mummy LAJA's clothing and 10% mine. It's a blessing having an incredibly stylish (and intelligent) mother who you can permanently borrow from. This peplum top is a no brainer; the orange and black floral print are LAJA incarnate [...]